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Custom Design Solution: Automotive Trunk Organizer

Our Client: "We want to design a trunk organizer made of 100% recycled PET environment friendly material and it has to be able to fold up and snap open."

Problem: Trunk organizers on the market now are not environment friendly and they slide around in the trunk.


A custom-designed high quality trunk organizer with 3 compartments that doesn't take up too much space yet big enough to keep your items securely organized. Anti-slip bottom prevents it from sliding around in the car trunk. Better for the environment than any other trunk organizers commercially available on the market.

Product Features:

Made with 100% recycled PET material
3 storage compartments (7" /  5" /  7" split)
Spring-loaded open design
Anti-slip velcro bottom keeps it from sliding around in the trunk
Self-standing support
Extra storage with 2 netted pockets in front (7" x 7")
Imprint area in front for logo (2" x 4")
15" handles on either side
Compartment dividers can fold down and bag carried with you
Retail UPC Bar Code available
Custom Retail Packaging available
Dimensions: 19" (L) x 7" (W) x 7" (H)