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Bamboo Bags (available in Custom Prints)

Description: These reusable bags are made from environment friendly bamboo material. Durable. Fashionable. Washable. All-natural! Enough space to hold equivalent of two plastic shopping bags.100% recyclable, non-toxic, light weight and hypoallergenic. E
Style #: BM-144
115 gsm or choose Heavy Material Weight: 195 gsm

Standard Colours Available: Natural Bamboo
Standard-sized dimensions: 18" (H) x 18" (W) x 5" (G) Handle Length: 22" over the shoulder length
Minimum Order for PRINTED BAGS: (2,000 bags)
Standard Imprint: I AM BAMBOO

Retailers & Resellers: For quantities greater than 5,000, contact us for special discounts!
Custom sizes Available: Minimum order required for custom size, contact us for more details!

Spacious Bamboo Bag with 24" length handles includes "I AM BAMBOO!" imprint.
Available in 2 sizes for bulk packing (1 kg or 2 kg). Includes window in front. Made from Bamboo.
Available in 2 sizes for bulk packing (1 kg or 2 kg). Made from Bamboo.