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For Him & Her: a set of 2 My Laundry Bags
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  • Eliminate dry cleaner's plastic from your life! This dry cleaner bag is environment-friendly made from recycled water bottles (RPET) and is a 3-in-1 product!
  • It's a laundry bag to take your clothes to and from the dry cleaners (no more guilt about plastic), a clothes hamper (in your home) and it can be you travel garment bag (when you are on the go)!
  • With it's unique design, your dirty clothes will never touch where your dry-cleaned clothes again. Best of all, the fabric is made from recycled water bottles!
My Laundry BagTM is a multi-functional product! It can be used as a Laundry Bag, a Hamper and as a Garment Bag for travel, storage and to carry your clothes to and from the dry-cleaners. It eliminates the use of dry cleaner plastic bags while offering a very unique environment solution for garment transportation. Dirty clothes never touch where dry cleaned clothes go. It is made with 100% PET recycled material (from recycled water bottles), which means that it is not only made from recycled material but it can also be recycled at the end of its multi-year lifespan!

Environment-friendly Laundry Bag for your trips to the Dry Cleaner and for Home Use!

  • Material is 100% recycled PET material (made from recycled water bottles)
  • Eliminates one-time-use plastic covers
  • No more plastic from the dry cleaners
  • Strong and durable
  • Non-staining and easy to clean
  • Acts as a laundry hamper when used at home
  • Shoulder strap included makes it easy and comfortable to carry
  • Eliminates over-the-arm carry outs
  • Full length zipper for easy side access
  • Includes front plastic pocket for customer identification and dry cleaner receipts
  • Ideal for pickup and delivery service
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